Our Fitting Process

  • 1
    Brief chat about your game and what you hope to achieve.
  • 2
    Equipment Measurement
    We'll measure your current equipment specifications.
  • 3
    Warm Up
    Short warm up session, but always recommended to warm up prior if possible.
  • 4
    Equipment Baseline Numbers
    Hit current gamer to get our baseline numbers for comparison with the new equipment.
  • 5
    Swing Assessment/ Flight Patterns
    We'll analyze your swing dynamics (swing speed, club path, etc) and flight patterns (fade, draw etc.). This is not for swing recommendations but to begin to narrow down your equipment needs.
  • 6
    Shaft Selection
    With our fittings we always start with finding a general length, shaft weight and flex that works well for the golfer. We are looking to see with what length a golfer can find center most often, and what weight is most playable for the golfers abilities.
  • 7
    Grip Selection
    We want the golfer to feel comfortable swinging our demos, so we'll first start with a similar grip to which they already play with, and try different grips along the way to see if they benefit from a different grip.
  • 8
    Club Head Selection
    At this point we begin to really focus on head selection. We're looking for improvements in the categories of distance, dispersion and consistency.
  • 9
    Fine Tuning
    This is where we begin to wrap up the process, we'll confirm all of our data and answer any questions the golfer may have. Or we may even hit something that the golfer is just curious to try.