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Because Accuracy Matters

Technology has come a long way in the fitting space. Nowadays golfers deserve the best data available. That is why we chose Foresight’s new GC Quad as our launch monitor. It uses 4 high speed cameras that not only measure the ball data but also measure the club data.

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Driver Fittings

Our philosophy is to fit you into a driver that’s not only enjoyable to hit, but builds on consistency and optimizes your distance.

Iron Fittings

We’ll work together toward a comprehensive iron fitting. You will not only see what works and what doesn’t. We will also explain to you why.

Stamping and Paint Fill

Prices start at $20 for 3 letter initials with paint fill included. Please use our contact page for a quote on something more complex.

Expert Repair Services

Our professional repair center can take care of all your equipment needs. From reshafts to regrips we’ve got you covered.

Ball Fittings

Fitting includes trial of 4 different golf balls. We carry most premium golf balls, please specify when you book your session.

Personal Practice Session

Book a practice session with your personal clubs using our GC Quad from Foresight Sports.

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Lets get it right the first time.

It’s unrealistic and extremely frustrating to believe that we can fit ourselves with so many options out there. You’ll only end up wasting time and money, hoping the next club you buy will make up for the deficiencies of the previous one you bought.  There most certainly is a golf club to help every individual, our job is to speed up that search, educate you and get you back on the course.

There’s no time like the present.

We'll see you soon.


Currently in: Ping and Taylormade drivers and Taylormade irons.
Please contact us using our website if there is a specific model you want to try prior to booking.